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Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd - A Name You Can Trust

Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd are one of the UK's best known retirement income experts. Our team are fully qualified, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered whole of market financial specialists.

Unlike tied specialists, we must recommend solutions from the entire range of retirement products available.

Since you could have to live with your financial choices for many years to come when you come to retire, they need to be good ones. There are many options available, including income drawdown.

Save Time While Improving Your Annuity Income

Using SPECIALIST ANNUITY RATES INDUSTRY SEARCH SOFTWARE, an FCA registered Financial Specialist will query top annuity and annuity alternative providers' databases to help you compare and choose which is the best option for you.

Just supply us with a few details and a specialist will contact you with an explanation of which type of annuity or annuity alternative is likely to suit you best and provide the most income. This contact is free of charge and you will have absolutely no obligation to proceed.

Free Annuity Rates and Income Drawdown Enquiry With No Obligation

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Annuity Links

Annuity Information

  • Annuities for Smokers
    Annuity Information: Smokers can increase the amount of annuity income that they receive
  • Spouse Benefits
    Annuity Information: Your spouse, partner or dependant can be protected after your death
  • Value Protection
    Annuity Information: When you take out an annuity, if you wish, you can choose value protection.
  • Minimum Term Annuity
    Annuity Information: Annuity income is guaranteed to be paid until the death of the annuity holder, but it can also be modified to include certain options
  • Annuity Escalation
    Annuity Information: An annuity can either be paid at a fixed level or can include an escalation at 3 percent, 5 percent, or the Retail Price Index percentage
  • FCA Open Market Option Advice
    FCA Information: The FCA encourages people to use the open market option
  • Why Use an Annuity Specialist
    Annuity Information: There are many important reasons why you should always seek help before buying an annuity or annuity alternative
  • Why We Don't Show Annuity Rates
    Annuity Information: The argument against unreliable annuity calculators and annuity rate tables

Pension Funds

  • Income Drawdown/Pension Release
    Income Drawdown (sometimes known as pension release) is an alternative to an immediate annuity purchase.
  • Annuity Providers
    Pension Funds: A list of possible annuity providers that could convert your pension fund into an annuity
  • Pension Types
    Pension Funds: The various pension types that can be converted into an annuity

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